Supermatt Doors – The Biggest Kitchen Trend of 2017

Over the last few years, kitchen trends have seen a definite shift towards matt kitchens. Glossy finishes are still very popular, but we know you will have more and more customers coming into your showroom asking for a matt look. It’s easy to see why.

Matt kitchens are popular for their look and versatility. They can be used to create a modern or traditional kitchen design that looks beautiful. When paired with on-trend neutral finishes, the results are fantastic.

Their pristine look is easy to maintain. In particular, the Supermatt finishes are easy to clean, durable and have anti-fingerprint technology. This helps to preserve the look of the kitchen and makes it the perfect choice for the family home.

Here’s some tips on how to style Supermatt doors:

  • Keep It Neutral

More and more homeowners are opting for neutral colours and earthy tones that work seamlessly with a number of different options. These colours are calming and elegant, while at the same time, giving you the design freedom to add bolder colours elsewhere.

Grey is the hottest neutral tone and continues to grow in popularity. That is why we introduced 3 different shades of grey into our Vetreo range.

Grey Supermatt Made to Measure Vetreo Doors in Breeze, Shadow and Flint
Grey Supermatt Doors in Breeze, Shadow and Flint
  • Mix & Match

We understand that not everyone will be drawn to a completely matt kitchen, but there are plenty of other options.

The mixing and matching of different textures and styles within kitchen design has remained extremely popular. Try mixing these modern matts with high gloss or woodgrain finishes. This contrasting look will create the ‘wow’ factor that is so sought after today.

  • Go Handleless

Handleless kitchen doors are still a popular choice for those wanting a seamless finish. Create this effortlessly elegant look with the addition of Blum Tip-On.

  • Top It Off

Create a subtle contrast by mixing matt units with a natural woodgrain or glossy worktop. Here’s our top 3 colour combination suggestions:

  1. Top any matt cabinetry off with a super white worktop like Glacier for a crisp clean style.

    Fjord Supermatt Vetreo doors paired with a crisp white Mistral worktop.
    Supermatt Vetreo Doors in Fjord paired with a white worktop
  2. Ground lighter neutral shades with a dark worktop like Mistral’s Tongaro. 

    Shadow (Light Grey) and Seashell (Cream) Supermatt Vetreo Doors Paired with a Mistral Worktop
    Shadow (light grey) and Seashell (cream) Supermatt Vetreo Doors paired with a dark worktop
  3. For an elegant all white kitchen, you could top Frost doors with Mistral’s new Lunas worktop.

    All white kitchen with Frost white Vetreo doors and Lunas Mistral worktop from NESP.
    Supermatt Doors in Frost Paired with Mistral Lunas Worktops

Your Made to Measure Supermatt Options

We are one of the only manufacturers of made to measure Supermatt doors so whatever your design, you can get the perfect fit with Vetreo.

Our Supermatt doors are available in 6 on-trend neutral colours and have proved incredibly popular with our customers. View the Vetreo brochure here or request swatches of the Supermatt colours.

You can order them online or send your door order in writing to or fax it to 0845 634 9701.