The Power of Social Media for your KBB Business

KBB businesses should use social media to generate leads.

Even as social media continues to grow as a useful business tool, many companies in the KBB industry still use traditional marketing methods. If that sounds like you, you could be missing out.

Social media is a relatively low cost marketing exercise that when done right, can increase awareness, in the same way as a print ad would, but with the added benefit of allowing you to build valuable relationships and increase customer loyalty. Put simply, social media is the most direct way to communicate and interact with customers and potential customers.

“60% of the UK population has a Facebook account”

You can generate leads through all the major networking sites but Twitter is particularly effective for this. It has over 15 million monthly active users in the UK so the opportunities are vast. Over on Facebook, an almost unbelievable 31 million of us have an account in the UK, accounting for 60% of the population. Facebook is a great platform to speak to a mass market of ages and locations so is a great place to start your business’s social media journey.

Not sure where to begin? Read more about setting up a Facebook business page and a Twitter business profile. Also, take a look at our previous blog post that goes through a few basic steps to get the most out of your social media pages.

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