A Quick Guide to Lighting

Guide to Lighting

Nowadays, peoples expectation of lighting extends beyond just a lamp and a ‘big light’. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the different types of lighting options, keep reading for a brief overview.

Lighting Function

There are three groups of lighting you need to consider when lighting a room. Combining all three will give you a great overall effect and provide flexibility to perform the wide range of functions the room may need to accommodate. This is especially important in kitchens.  The change from a bright, energetic light for daytime tasks to a relaxed space after work should be seamless and effortless.

Three different aspects to lighting
Three different aspects to lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient or mood lighting is usually decorative rather than functional, it is the room’s overall illumination. The choice of ambient lighting will depend on the room’s primary function, whether it’s intended for relaxation, work or a mixture of both. Ambient lighting covers; ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures that direct light downwards and wall lights and up lighters that wash the walls and ceiling with light.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is positioned in areas to help with everyday activities. It is usually the brightest lighting in the room. Under cabinet lights, spot lights and strip lighting are all obvious examples of task lighting, but also be aware of the possibilities of convenience lighting, found inside cupboards, under shelves, in wardrobes and behind mirrors.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds drama to a room and can alter the perception of a room’s shape and size. Accent lighting draws attention to specific objects, shapes and features in the room. Careful placement of accent lighting allows you to change the room from a bright, energetic space to a relaxed laid back sanctuary at the flick of a switch or turn of a dial.

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