Premium Kitchen Market Grows 10%

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An article in April`s Kitchen & Bathroom Journal focused on the growing market for premium kitchens. With a growth rate of around 10% year-on-year retailers need to capitalise on this market.

Premium kitchens are very much in demand but customers are still looking for value for money and the ability to personalise designs to suit their homes. With an average sales price of around £30,000, offering value for money can be a challenge. There are some things to keep in mind though…

  • No Short-lived Trends – Customers want solid timeless designs that last the distance.
  • Create Photorealistic CAD Drawings – To accompany 2D plans. This adds to the ‘value for money’ tag and customers can understand exactly what they are getting (& paying for!).
  • Pay Attention – Don’t forget to focus on storage, appliances, lighting & furniture. This will help customers visualise the whole ‘look’ and they can put their own design together.
  • Great Service – Obviously, alongside all of this you should utilise your natural charm & remember…

Have you got any photos of your work when creating premium kitchens? We’d love to see them.

Full article in the Kitchen & Bathroom Journal, April 2015.

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