4 Top Tips for the Perfect Mistral Fit Everytime

Mistral solid surface worktops, splashbacks and upstands.

NESP have been supplying Mistral solid surface worktops, upstands and splashbacks for many years now. We have received extensive training on the product from Karonia, the manufacturers, and have dealt with many questions over the years from our customers who are fitting the material.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we have put together this guide to help you install the best quality worktops with the best finish possible. Continue reading to learn our top tips for fitting and maintaining MISTRAL solid surface work surfaces.

Mistral Worktop Installation tip 1 - Store the material flat and keep it supported.

If you store the worktop material upright, propped up against a wall, the material could bow in the middle due to the weight of the genuine solid 25mm format.

Fitting Tip 1: Keep worktops in the horizontal plane/Store completely flat.

Mistral Worktop installation and fitting tip 2 - Check the colours match as closely as possible.

NESP strive to supply material from the same batch to maintain colour consistency. However, it is always best practice when using two or more products together to check colour consistency prior to installation to avoid any possible mismatch.

Fitting Tip 2: Put the work surfaces together and lightly sand across them with an abrasive pad and then wipe with denatured alcohol. This will give the most accurate basis for comparison.

Mistral Worktop installation and fitting tip 3 - Thoroughly clean any joints to avoid discolouration.

When cutting the material and sanding the edges, you could accidently leave residue on the joint. This could contaminate the adhesive glue, making your seamless joints not-so-seamless.

Fitting Tip 3: Clean the joint with alcohol wipes to remove any debris that could contaminate the adhesive.

Mistral Worktop installation and fitting tip 4 - Make sure you keep any off-cuts for future repairs.

MISTRAL copes well with the rigours of day to day use in the home. However, accidents do happen and your customers could end up with a small chip that needs repairing. If you don’t have material in the exact colour, the customer may have to purchase a whole new worktop.

Fitting Tip 4: Keep offcuts, particularly material leftover from hob and sink cutouts. This allows you to make plughole repairs from the same batch.

Bonus tip: Remember to ask your customers to register their Mistral warranty on the Karonia website.

We offer free Mistral sample boxes complete with all 20 colours that are perfect for your showroom or can easily be taken on home visits to show your clients the range of colours available. If you would like any Mistral samples or consumer brochures, please email your request to sales@nesp.co.uk. You can also view the Mistral brochure online.

You can view all 20 Mistral colours on the NESP website and place your orders online for worktops, splashbacks, upstands and the Care and Maintenance kit.

For any more information, contact our team on 0845 634 9700/ 01207 291960 or email sales@nesp.co.uk.

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